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immigration evaluations

I’m trained to provide highly in-depth and confidential clinical evaluations to support USCIS applications. I work closely with immigration attorneys and immigration clients on the following types of applications:​

Extreme Hardship
Cancellation of Removal
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

My focus is on:


  • Accentuating your strengths

  • Listening deeply to your story and understanding the effects of trauma

  • Providing quick report turnaround (1-2 weeks)

  • Crafting an in-depth, well-rounded 10-12 page assessment that captures the essence of your story, your humanity, and the key clinical information

I’m here to make this process as simple as possible:

Request a Consult
Clinical Interviews
Receive the Report

We will discuss:

  • The type of case you have

  • Your attorney’s contact info

  • My evaluation process / what you can expect

  • Any questions you have 

Clinical interviews consist of both structured questions as well as formal assessments used to assess your symptoms and their severity. While this can sound highly clinical, my goal is for it to feel more like an unstructured conversation about your story.

In 1-2 weeks post interview you will receive a copy of the 10-12 page evaluation, and a formal copy is sent to your attorney. 


Any necessary changes or additions can be made at this time.

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