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Want to Save Money on Therapy? Read This.

Updated: May 9

Insurance... ugh.

While insurance often makes services accessible to those that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it, there's a reason (several, actually) why you as clients hate dealing with it and providers won't accept it. Insurance often places stipulations on how many sessions they will cover, what types of treatments they will approve, and how much they believe a service is worth. This is detrimental to both the therapeutic process for clients and therapists.

Enter: out-of-network benefits. The overlooked sibling of INN benefits.

It's true that many insurance plans do not cover OON providers; however, many people are not even aware they have OON benefits, let alone what they are, and are potentially missing out on serious savings!

In your hunt for the right therapist you may have seen the term "superbill" floated around. A superbill is a monthly invoice generated by your therapist and provided to you to submit to your insurance for possible OON reimbursement. And this can work really well!


Submitting claims for yourself, waiting for reimbursement, and possibly having to appeal a decision or amount is a hassle not many have the time or energy for.

This is where Mentaya comes in.

Mentaya is a service I've partnered with to help my clients both check for their OON benefits, determine exactly what they are, AND automatically submit claims on their behalf. Mentaya handles the entire process so both you and your therapist can focus on the important stuff.

Checking your OON benefits for therapy with me is free with my benefits checker below.

If you choose to have Mentaya submit your claims, you pay a simple 5% charge (of my session fee) per claim, sit back, and let Mentaya do the rest. Given that your OON benefits may save you up to 80% on therapy costs, that little 5% fee is so worth it!

This time of year is a great time to get started! Your deductibles may have been met, making your savings even greater. Just in time for the holidays.

Want to know more? Check out or shoot me an email with questions.

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